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Award-winning BBC radio producer and Oxford graduate sold crystal meth at sex parties


Alexander Parkin, who worked on Radio 3’s Late Junction and won nine Sony awards for his work, was found to have 123g of crystal meth in his Marylebone apartment.

Alexander Parkin was sentenced to 21 months

A former BBC radio producer who sold crystal meth at sex parties has been jailed.

Alexander Parkin, 45, worked on Radio 3’s popular Late Junction show and won nine Sony awards for his work.

Parkin was first convicted of drug trafficking in 2016, when he admitted to selling GBL to famous lawyer Henry Hendron after the death of his 18-year-old boyfriend, Miguel Jimenez, and was ordered to the community.

Parkin was also tried in 2017 over allegations that he sold crystal meth, ecstasy and GBL ‘liquid ecstasy’ from his apartment in Marylebone – but was cleared .

At Kingston Crown Court in January of this year, he admitted possession of crystal meth with the intention of supplying and being concerned with the supply of the class A drug.



New plants / Gustavo Valiente)

Officers found 123g in her apartment on September 29 last year in ‘homemade cover-ups’ in Parkin’s apartment, which had a wholesale value of £ 6,000 and a market value of £ 18,185.

Mr Hendron was said to have submitted a statement to the court regarding Parkin’s drug trafficking, but Parkin’s attorney asked the judge to disregard this in sentencing, who said that it was “inappropriate”.

Imprisoning Parkin for 21 months, Judge Jonathan Davies said, “We all know the destructive nature of crystal meth for those who use it.

“You provide methamphetamine hydrochloride for what’s called chemsex parties, where I understand it’s used as a stimulant.

“In my opinion, there was a business relationship between you and your customers regarding the sale of these Class ‘A’ drugs, and your procurement was at least partly for a financial reason.

“It has been said on your behalf that you are or were a drug addict and that you supply drugs to a small group.

“The prosecution says it was not what one might consider the ‘conventional street vending operation’ where large numbers of anonymous drug addicts are supplied on the streets, but the prosecution does not accept that yours is simply a social offer.

“The proof is that there has been a substantial turnover of the drug, a substantial payment to you, and a financial incentive on your part to supply these drugs.

“In other words, there was more to being a pretty generous party host.”

More than 100g of drugs were found in his apartment


New plants / Gustavo Valiente)

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The judge said he had read references describing Parkin as “caring, kind, considerate, inspiring” and “a helpful and caring son and friend”.

However, he added, “Appropriate punishment can only be achieved through immediate detention.”

Prosecutor David Povall said: “The defendant in the Crown case provides a range of drugs that are used in the gay community for chemsex parties.

“Police attended the accused’s address on September 29, 2020 after finding messages from the phone of another person who had been arrested in connection with an investigation into an illegal drug supply.

“The messages indicated that the person had a business relationship between them, including buying and selling Class A drugs.”

Police were said to have visited his home, which was clearly “used for drug use and possibly drug supply as well”.

Experts analyzed Parkin’s phone messages and lists that appeared to show money owed, in which he used the drug’s slang, including “Fanta” for MDMA, “water” for GBL, and “tea.” for crystal meth.

The court had previously heard how the Oxford graduate had an interior design business and befriended clients before inviting them to his parties and selling chemsex drugs at ‘cost’.

He was said to be selling crystal meth for around £ 25 a gram and making no profit.

Mr Povall added: “This is provided largely within a known group of individuals all known to each other, known by name and all involved in the same social and sexual scenes.”

Jonathan Hardy, defending, said: “It is clear that for large parts of his life until 2014 to 2015, he lived an exemplary life and in particular had an extraordinarily successful career in media.

“What is equally clear is that this is a man whose life has actually been ruined by his own addictions.

“The circumstances surrounding his involvement in supplying drugs are of course entirely related to his own addictions.

“These drugs were provided while he was organizing and attending chemsex parties to a small group of people who also participated in these activities.”

Parkin, from Stockwell, south London, was jailed for 21 months and will serve half of his sentence before he can be released.



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