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Barrett Sports Media’s Top 20 Mid-Market Sports Radio Program Directors in 2021

It took years of hard work, tweaks, and lots of trial and error to make this brand a trusted source for industry professionals. It’s been exciting and rewarding to tell stories, showcase the industry, and use my decades of knowledge and connections to help the brands I work with move forward. But while I can prioritize the work I do for others, I also have to balance it with making sure BSM and BNM are working properly.

Each day, Barrett Media produces nearly fifty social media posts, one to two newsletters, and twenty to thirty sports and current affairs reports and columns. I haven’t even mentioned podcasts, which is another space we recently entered. Ensuring we deliver quality and not quantity is vital, as is promoting it consistently and creatively.

Today we have thirty people on our payroll. I didn’t expect that to be the case, but as the needs grew and deeper connections formed between the brand, our audience and our customers, it allowed us to find new ways to invest in providing ideas, information and opinions to our readers. Writing, editing and creating content for a brand like ours is not for everyone. I just spent the last three months interviewing almost forty people, and there’s a lot of quality talent. But talent for radio and journalism doesn’t always mean it’s a fit for BSM and BNM. Luckily, I was able to put together a stellar group of people, earning us your attention every day, and I’m happy to reveal that we’re adding to our roster yet again.

First, please join me in welcoming Garrett Searight to BSM and BNM. Garrett has been hired as our FT Brand Editor, which means he will oversee MF content for the BSM and BNM website during normal business hours. He will work closely with you, our night editors Arky Shea and Edouardo Razo, and all of our editorial teams to create content opportunities for our two brands. Garrett joins us after a decade of living in Lima, OH, where he most recently worked as Program Director and Afternoon Host at 93.1 The Fan. He also programmed classic country station 98.5 The Legend. His first day with us is August 1, but he will train this month to ensure he is ready to start.

Then I am delighted to welcome Alex Reynolds as social media coordinator. Alex’s creativity and curiosity stood out during our interview process, and we’re excited to have him help with social content creation and planning for BSM and BNM. He is a graduate of Elon University, a big fan of lacrosse, and he will work with Dylan Barrette to improve our graphic design, plan our content and further develop the social voice of our two brands.

Speaking of our two brands, although we produce content on the website for sports and news, the way they are promoted on social media is changing. When I started this business, the website was called It worked perfectly with my Twitter and Instagram handles, which were also @sportsradiopd. But since we changed our URL to and started increasing content for sports and news, it became clear that we needed dedicated brand pages. It’s harder to expect people to share an individual’s content, and the mix of sports and news often feels off-brand for the two different audiences we serve. It’s even weirder if I’m buying social media ads to market content, conference and stuff, so it’s time for a change.

Starting today, you can now follow Barrett Sports Media on Twitter @BSMStaff. You can also follow Barrett News Media on Twitter @BNMStaff. Each brand also has its own Facebook page. Going forward, we will promote sports media content on our sports accounts and news media content on our news accounts. We started with this approach for BNM when the brand launched in September 2020, but expecting people to read another site and follow other social accounts was a tall order for a brand that was finding its footing. . We’ve made the choice to promote both sports and news under the same social accounts over the past year to raise awareness of the content, and as it stands I think many would agree that BNM has made great progress. We’ve built an awesome team to cover the news media industry, and I hope many of you will take a moment to follow BNM’s pages to stay informed.

One thing you will notice is that the @BSMStaff account has replaced the @sportsradiopd account on Twitter. Let’s face it, most people who have followed me on Twitter have done so for BSM or BNM content, not my NY Knicks and pro wrestling rants. I keep my @sportsradiopd username but this is being developed as a brand new personal account. That said, if you like DMing me, follow the new @sportsradiopd account so we can stay in touch. The only account we will use to promote content from both brands is the Barrett Media account on LinkedIn. Instagram is not the focus right now, nor is TikTok or Snapchat. I know audiences exist everywhere, but I’d rather be good at a few things than average at a lot of them.

Now that we’ve covered the changes in social media, allow me to share some other exciting news. I am delighted to welcome Jessie Karang to our mark as BSM’s weekly columnist. Jessie has a lot of energy, curiosity and a genuine love and passion for the media industry. He has worked for Sinclair TV, written for Awful Announcing and also hosted podcasts and video shows on YouTube. His knowledge and interest in television is particularly strong, and I look forward to featuring his opinions and views on our website. His first track for the site will be released this Wednesday.

With all that’s going on, Demetri Ravanos shifts his focus for the brand to an area he is passionate about, audio. His new title is Director of Audio Content for BSM. This means that he will be responsible for overseeing the editing, execution and promotion of our various podcasts. He will also work closely with me to develop future Barrett Media shows. We have 3 in weekly rotation now, and we will be adding Seller to Seller with Jeff Caves next week, and The Jason Barrett Podcast the following week. The goal is to increase our audio library in the future, provided the right ideas, talent and interest are there.

Another of my objectives in the future is to develop our advertising partnerships. Between our website, social media channels, podcasts and newsletters, we have many ways to help brands connect with affluent, influential and loyal industry audiences. We have enjoyed working with and helping brands over the years such as Point to Point Marketing, Jim Cutler NY, Steve Stone Voiceovers, Core Image Studio, Skyview Networks, Compass Media Networks, ESPN Radio and Harker Bos Group. This does not include all of the major sponsors we have partnered with for our annual BSM Summit (the 2023 show will be announced by the end of the summer). I’m thrilled to add to the list by welcoming Backbone as a new website and newsletter partner. We also look forward to teaming up with Quu and the Sports Gambling Podcast Network in the near future, and look forward to working with a few others we’ve spoken to recently.

When it comes to marketing, I try to remind people of our reach, the value we add daily in the industry, and the different ways we can help. I know it’s human nature to stick with what we know, but if you work with a brand, I urge you to learn more about BSM/BNM. Stephanie Eads is great to work with, cares about our partners and our traffic, social impressions, and above all, the quality of our audience is proven. To learn more about what we can do, email Stephanie at [email protected]

Yes, we continue to grow, and I’m happy about that, but adding more staff doesn’t mean we’re guaranteed to be better. It takes every member of a team to keep their end of the bargain, create killer content, set expectations, and pay attention to follow-up. We take pride in our work, appreciate the support of our partners, and are extremely grateful for the continued readership of our material. This constant support is what allows me to add to our team to better serve fans, partners and industry professionals.

It may seem small and inconsequential, but those live retweets, comments and mentions on our content make a difference. To everyone who takes the time to keep our industry conversations alive, thank you. It’s an awesome company with lots of great brands, people, content, and opportunities for growth, and the fact that we can learn from you, share your stories, and help those who read to learn in the process makes us wake up to do it an honor.