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Catawba Alumni Establishes Radio Theater Company and Produces Holiday Comedy Radio Play


December 16, 2018

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Three Catawba College alumni are celebrating the Christmas season with news that a comedy radio play they produced, “John Henry Holiday: Christmas Crimes Detective”, is literally airing on the radio. The play, a production of their Boojum Radio Theater, aired Dec. 14 on WCBE 90.5 FM in Columbus, Ohio (

Catawba College Alumni are Anna Kate Hall ’18 (BFA in Theatrical Performance), Shaun Cammack ’16 (BA in Folk Music, Minor in English, Minor in Creative Writing) and Erich Guebert ’16 (BS in Sociology). They came together to create Boojum Radio Theater which they present as “an original radio theater performed with the greatest sincerity and the greatest sin. Absurd, funny and sometimes rude.

showshow1.pngSince graduating from Catawba in 2016, Shaun and Erich have traveled and taught in the United States and abroad. Last summer, Anna Kate, Shaun and Erich all reunited in western North Carolina, and they started collaborating to create Boojum Radio Theater and their “John Henry Holiday: Christmas Crimes Detective”. Although the recording was completed over the summer, Shaun continued to work through the fall, editing and mixing the audio for the show to sound its best.


With their permission, you too can listen to the show:

Listen now

These Catawba alumni, Shaun and Kate in Chicago, Illinois, and Erich in Madrid, Spain, are already hard at work on their next project, a sci-fi western / adventure. Keep up to date with all their efforts at the Boojum Radio Theater in or via Twitter @boojumradio, on iTunes, Spotify and Apple Podcasts.

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