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Colorado talk radio producer denies neo-Nazi social media posts


710KNUS producer Kirk Widlund has denied any connection to the neo-Nazi social media posts attributed to him.

DENVER – A local radio producer for conservative talk radio station 710KNUS has said years of neo-Nazi social media posts attributed to him are a hoax devised by the left-wing group Antifa.

Kirk Widlund is the executive producer of The Steffan Tubbs Show and The American Veteran Show. He also hosts the 710KNUS Keeping America Great podcast.

A review of the 710KNUS social media and audio profile revealed that the neo-Nazi profile and Widlund were both described as having been deleted from Twitter on April 14, using very similar language. The social media profile blamed the Twitter ban on the Zionist-occupied government and a dispute with a “Jewess.”

KNUS management declined to comment on the allegations. Widlund denied any connection to the account, but declined to explain why her language on 710KNUS mirrored the social media account in April.

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Colorado Springs Antifa, known for going out and doxing people they say are fascists and racists, posted what they claim to be a full archive of a profile owned by — Kirk– Widlund. is a Russian-based alternative to Facebook social media site often used by people who have been banned for inflammatory and racist posts on other social media platforms.

When reached by phone Widlund initially made no comment, but when he tapped on VK’s profile he said, “Yeah, that’s not true. It is not me.”

VK’s alleged profile as “Kirk Widlund” contains numerous posts of white supremacist memes, racist images and anti-Semitic references.

A profile post on April 14, 2019 closely matches what Widlund said on air the next day.

The April 14 post said:

Twitter, the last ZOG (Zionist-Occupied Government) platform I was allowed to be on, ultimately deleted my account for calling a Jewess who was spreading fake news.

So no more tweeting for me.

On April 15, Widlund had the following conversation with on-air host Steffen Tubbs about the deletion of his Twitter account:

Bathtubs: What did you text me?

Widlund: I said, uh, Twitter finally deleted my entire account.

Widlund then describes how her account was deleted for calling a “verified liberal” for spreading “fake news”.

Widlund: So I’m calling her for her fake news, right?

Bathtubs: Did she denounce you?

Widlund: She denounced me.

On Twitter, Tubbs said the social media account assigned to his producer was a fake.

“Look at your allegations, fool,” Tubbs wrote. “An internal investigation is underway and so far no truth has been found about your forged false documents.”

“A libel lawsuit could be in your future,” Tubbs tweeted at Colorado Springs Antifa. “We know who you are. “

Tubbs declined to comment on 9NEWS, citing an ongoing “internal investigation” at 710KNUS.

Widlund claimed he was being harassed by Antifa.

“Yes, Antifa didxed me. I went to my house, I put down leaflets. Put my personal address on leaflets and since then I try to intimidate and threaten myself,” he said. declared.

When asked again to respond to the closing of VK’s post corresponding to what he said on the radio, Widlund ended the conversation with: “Uh .. no comment on this. ”

Widlund, who is often heard on the air on the Tubbs show, was not on air on Wednesday.

Tubbs said Widlund was taking a “much needed” and “much needed” vacation and would return to air on Friday.

Tubbs repeatedly alluded to the situation on Wednesday’s show, saying “I have to speak in code.”

He has disowned his support for the neo-Nazis and has repeatedly criticized Antifa, speaking of “bad people” who should be “shod in the mouth”.

New show with a Colorado Proud Boy?

Amid the neo-Nazi allegation, the co-host of a conservative Facebook podcast run by a local Proud Boy announced that the show was moving to KNUS.

The Proud Boys have been classified as a hate group by the Southern Poverty Law Center and the local Anti-Defamation League.

On December 9, the ‘Liberty Logan’ co-host posted on Facebook, “Major League Liberty is going to its own website, we’ll be on the radio, not too long, on KNUS, so be prepared for that. ”

Liberty Logan hosts Colorado Proud Boy Louie Huey who told 9NEWS in a story last month that his club was not a hate group.

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Huey had previously appeared on the Tubbs show on September 23.

710KNUS chief executive Brian Taylor declined to comment on Widlund and the potential new show on Wednesday.

710KNUS host Peter Boyles has a habit of introducing guests from VDARE, another organization classified as a hate group by the Southern Poverty Law Center.

The VDARE website features articles such as “Baylor Football’s Black Rape Culture,” “Saboteurs Even In The Border Patrol – Are They Hispanic?” “” And “Do we need more Hispanics?”

The article questioning the “need” for more Hispanics argued that America does not, because “Hispanics who manage to stay in school do as poorly as blacks.”

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