Radio producer

How to become a radio producer


What will I get paid?

This may vary depending on your employer and location. You can also work as a self-employed person.

Where am I going to work?

Producers typically work in offices or studios, but also work during live events and outdoor broadcasts. Radio producers can also work on content for online platforms and others. Employers include large commercial radio stations or media groups such as Bauer Media, Global Radio and the Wireless Group, community radio stations, hospital radio stations, independent production companies and the BBC.

How are the working hours?

These can vary, but can be long or unpredictable. You can work in a team, including weekends, evenings and holidays. Conditions vary depending on where you work.

What qualifications do i need?

Qualifications are good to get your foot in the door, but hands-on experience is really important. You can gain experience in student, hospital or community radio.

Organizations offering work experience include:

This information is a guide (sources: LMI for All, National Careers Service,

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