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Radio producer Jana Hocking, 35, reveals why women should date men over 45


Lone radio producer, 35, reveals why men over 45 make ‘best boyfriends’ – and the age group she avoids dating at all costs

  • Triple M radio producer Jana Hocking says men over 45 make better boyfriends
  • The 35-year-old says he’s more chivalrous and less likely to play games
  • She advises women seeking serious relationships to avoid men between 30 and 40.
  • This is because men of this age group have already settled in families

Women looking for serious relationships should date men over 45 who are more chivalrous and less likely to play games than their younger counterparts, a single Australian radio producer said.

Jana Hocking, who works at Sydney’s Triple M station, has always followed a self-written rulebook that dictates that men with criminal records, emotional issues, and alcohol or substance addiction should be avoided at all times. all cost.

But recently the 35-year-old added another category to this list: men between the ages of 30 and 40.

Ms Hocking calls this medium a “big black hole” in the middle of the dating scene, filled with men who already have long-term relationships and therefore seek nothing more than fleeting pleasure.

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Triple M producer Jana Hocking, who says men over 45 are more chivalrous and less likely to play mind games than their younger counterparts

“Go have a happy Tinder shot… you’ll find a billion guys in their twenties and quite a few older partners, but guys in their thirties?” Crickets, “she said

Instead, the self-proclaimed “boyfriend genre collector” advised choosing a younger partner of just under 30 or a “handsome old man” who has been through at least one serious relationship and. is ready for love again.

Based on her personal experience, Ms Hocking confirmed that older men are more chivalrous and less likely to play mind games than their younger counterparts.

She added that men unfairly become more attractive with age, citing Hollywood actor George Clooney as an example.

Ms Hocking (pictured in Sydney in 2019) advises choosing a

Ms Hocking (pictured in Sydney in 2019) advises choosing a ‘handsome elderly gentleman’ who has already gone through at least one serious relationship and is ready for love again

Ms Hocking’s claim that men between the ages of 30 and 40 are largely ‘off the market’ when they settle down and have children is supported by statistics.

The median age for marriage for Australian men is 32.4, according to figures from the Australian Bureau of Statistics.

On the flip side, the numbers show that the median age of men at divorce is 45.9 years, which explains the deluge of men above that age on dating apps.

But dating later in life isn’t safe, Hocking warned, as men are just as likely as women to use decades-old photos on their social media and dating profiles.

What women like most about men


1. Humor 19.6 percent

2. Loyalty and charisma 18.3 percent

3. Honesty 17 percent

4. Intelligence 14.37 percent

5. Kindness 12.4 percent


1. Eyes 27.3 percent

2. Smile 21 percent

3. ghealthy teeth 18.75 percent

4. Height 18.75 percent

5. their penis 14.1 percent

Source: Louanne district via She Said He Said

She knows of many cases of “kitten fishing,” the term used to misrepresent facts about yourself such as age, height and weight online.

“That’s why I love FaceTime before I have a first date, nothing worse than accidentally having a date with Grandpa,” she said.

Ms Hocking has previously said that it is difficult to find the right romantic partner, but that she is determined to keep trying until she meets “the right one.”




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