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Radio Producer Jana Hocking Launches Dating Podcast Via News Corp


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Jana Hocking, producer of Triple M Sydney’s Breakfast Moonman in the morning and a dating columnist for, has a new podcast.

Kind of dating a little will be released every Thursday and will feature Hocking trying to make his way through the maze of modern dating and relationships.

The podcast will address questions such as: is it now socially acceptable to ghost someone? Do we still have to wait three days before sending an SMS? How long is too early to have “the talk”?

Hocking said the podcast will be a “dummy guide” to finding love and having fun along the way.

“It’s 2021 and it feels like everyone’s just ‘kind of a date.’ Trying to find love all at once, while keeping your heart open, the barriers down, and finding out what that text even meant – it’s exhausting, ”she said.

“Introduce new dating terms like ghosts, breadcrumbs, and love bombardment and you’re scratching your head.” editor-in-chief Lisa Muxworthy said the relationship and dating content is incredibly popular with the banner’s audience, and Hocking brings a lot of light and fun to the subject.

“In our new podcast Kind of dating a little, Jana will speak with Candice Warner, Stu Laundy and Colin Fassnidge and put the listener at the center of the series by answering their questions. We’re really excited that our audience can be involved with the podcast by asking Jana their questions about their relationship through a dedicated Facebook page, voicemail, and email. She will then discuss and answer questions each week with her guest, ”she said.



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