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Students launch new radio show

Two Delaware Area Career Center students recently taped the first episode of “Delaware Matters,” a new show airing on My 96.7 FM, WDLR 1270 AM and CD 92.9 FM.

The students, Evan Gardner and Nathan Tracy, are seniors in the DACC Digital Design program. The duo said they were approached by digital design instructor Josh Gallagan and asked about doing an internship for WDLR.

“We made a phone call with WDLR and it all went from there,” said Tracy, a high school student from Olentangy.

The students said the weekly show will focus on interviews with members of the community. The first episode features an interview with Jay Poroda, the DACC superintendent, and it will air on February 19.

The students met Poroda in his office on Tuesday and conducted the interview, asking questions about Poroda’s first year at the career center and his goals for the future. Gardner, a student from Olentangy Liberty High School, hosted the program and Tracy set up and operated the recorder during the interview.

“I think it went well,” Tracy said, adding that he interviewed Poroda for DACC News when Poroda first joined the district last year. “It was great talking to him again. I think he’s super awesome. I think he has big visions for DACC, and he really cares.

Tracy said he did “quite a lot” of prep work to familiarize himself with the equipment before the interview.

“I’ve never done anything for a radio station before,” he said. “It was a bit difficult to ask questions and try to plan everything and how everything works. Seeing how things come together behind the scenes in radio is very interesting to learn and something that I really enjoy … The fun part is the problems. I like problem solving and trying different ways to solve. It’s a unique skill set.”

Gardner said he enjoyed the interview, adding he wasn’t nervous because he’s a musician and used to acting. He said he had done matchmaking at WDLR and had recorded commercials for them.

“I feel good about this interview,” Gardner said. “(Poroda) has a lot of potential to develop the career center.”

The students said “Delaware Matters” has no endpoint and could continue as long as the DACC and WDLR wish.

“That could eventually continue and be passed on to juniors after we graduate,” Tracy said.

Gardner said he loved being the host and would be happy to stay indefinitely.

Evan Gardner, left, and Nathan Tracy, rear, interview Delaware Area Career Center Superintendent Jay Poroda on Tuesday during the first episode of their upcoming “Delaware Matters” radio show.

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