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Track by Track Review: Radio Company’s’ Vol. 2 ‘

Contributors: Kenedi, Brianna, Jules

Since the successful release of Radio Company’s debut album, Flight. 1, fans are hungry for new music from the dynamic duo of Steve Carlson and Jensen Ackles. After a year and a half, accompanied by teasers with the singles “City Grown Willow” and “Quarter To”, the wait is over! Flight. 2 is finally here and it does not disappoint!

If you are unfamiliar with Radio Company, a brief description of the band on their website can be found below.

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“Radio Company was formed in 2018 in Austin, TX as a collaboration between Jensen Ackles and Steve Carlson. The two wrote and performed together for almost 15 years. While they were roommates in Los Angeles, the two developed a short hand at writing music together. Carlson’s award-winning 2014 Rockumentary, titled “Different Town,” was inspired by the song, of the same title, which was written by the two while traveling. A few years later, Ackles and Carlson moved to Austin, TX and decided to form Radio Company.

We here at Nerds and Beyond are huge fans of The Radio Company, and as such, we’ve compiled a track-by-track review of the band’s latest album to highlight their musical prowess, just like we did. for Flight. 1. Find out below!

All my life time

This track opens the album with a slam. The deep, smoky tones of Ackles at the forefront of this song, combined with a mid-tempo instrumental accompaniment infused with aspects of both jazz and rock, combine to create a touching and alluring first track that absolutely sets the tone. tone for the rest of the album. Carlson’s voice fits in so seamlessly with Ackles’ that sometimes you might even have trouble distinguishing between the two. The song builds up gradually, and from a very memorable scream from Mr. Ackles halfway through, the song has undeniably built into a crescendo that sets the rest of the album up for a big hit.

Quarter to

One of the lightest tracks on the album, this song sounds like the sun on a hot summer day. The melodious vocals of Carlson and Ackles blend harmoniously, working together to showcase each other’s strengths and vocal ranges as they compromise between harmony and melody; the two balance each other perfectly without controlling each other. The upbeat strumming pattern, light melodies, and powerful lyrics all form a gloriously triumphant ending that leaves you with a deep sense of satisfaction and contentment in your soul.

Watching over me

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By keeping the tempo slower, “Watching over Me” delivers an unexpected emotional punch. The melancholy melodies enhance the lyrics with a heartbreaking beauty. Ackles’ raw, emotional performance stabs a metaphorical knife through the heart as the meaning of his words “I can’t stand to speak / Without the will to breathe” penetrates. The crescendo of voice and instruments creates a perfect sound that rocks you and takes you on the journey described in the lyrics.

Really forgotten

“Truly Forgotten” is his own unique concoction of various genres, all mixed into one song. The lyrical power of a storytelling country song mixed with the sultry sounds of jazz and the energy of a classic rock song puts this song in a class of its own. Sexy saxophone, deep base, fantastic harmony and crystal clear voice will make you feel like you are sitting in a dark and smoky 1950s jazz club.

Death to rights

“Dead to Rights” features Radio Company’s greatest strength – the vocals of Carlson and Ackles together. Their voices blend into smoky harmonies and the song sounds like a classic country song made modern.

Jump into the fire

Radio Company brings warmth in the best possible way in this instant success. With a catchy chorus of “Jump on the fire / you gotta jump on the fire” we’re more than willing to jump right into those metaphorical flames if that means scrambling that hit all summer long. A killer guitar riff amplifies the powerful vocals delivered by Ackles and cranks the song up several notches just as you think it found its groove.

Eyes on me

The Carlson-led voice of this song wraps around you in a way that almost seems dangerous – but in the best possible way. Recalling the feelings that arose when the speaker and his lover first met, this song reproduces the feeling of the chase, that initial spark and connection that one experiences at that moment. The backing vocals do a great job of pulling you in, and when all of these elements come together it results in a gritty, suave and sultry sound that you can only love.

Anyway you want me

The playful “Any Way That You Want Me” is a radio-ready track about falling in love and wanting to be everything for a new partner. It’s a happy declaration of love with great lyrics like “I’m going to pretend this is all new / seal the truth / anyway you want from me / take the place of whatever I held / steal with you / anyway you want me.

Grown willow in the city

“City Grown Willow” was the first song released by Flight. 2, and it served as a great introduction to the tone that permeates the album. It’s a sweet lullaby of a song with lovely lyrics, especially the chorus “City grow willow / unchain your pillow / let the mountain man run away with your heart”. The layered vocals give it a dreamy quality, while the guitar section expands as the song ends with a grand finale.

Globally, Flight. 2 brought a distinctly different sound to the table than Carlson and Ackles presented in Flight. 1. While Radio Company’s debut album sounded more like an excellent mishmash of songs, Flight. 2 managed to maintain a deeper, more consistent feel throughout its entirety, with a few tracks deviating into a lighter but no less emotional range. The album did a great job of fleshing out the musical prowess of all parts – from lead singers and backing vocalists to instrumentalists. You can’t imagine the album being anything but a success.

We loved every second of Flight. 2 and I can’t wait to see what we’ve already teased Flight. 3 brings in the (hopefully near) future. In addition to the album release, new merchandise for Flight. 2 is also available. Good listening !

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